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Resource Link and Information Teacher Resource Student Resource

 Smore COVID Template Center


Create Infographics and Newsletters


From Smore site:

Smore makes it easy to send engaging, informative, interactive newsletters to students, parents, faculty/staff, and community members.





Create interactive videos


From Playposit

We know that PlayPosit is a tool that is increasingly important to members of our community that are being impacted by the virus. As a result, our team is taking immediate action to ensure our product is accessible to as many people as possible by raising our free account limits 100x through the remainder of the school year. For context, this limit now covers 450+ learners daily, even if used every weekday of the month.





Immersive language learning through interactive videos

Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, English


From Yabla:

 Yabla is offering free extended trials for all teachers and students, to last through the end of your school year. 

Please go to: www.yabla.com/free to activate a free trial.
For help getting started, please visit: https://www.yabla.com/school_quickstart_guide.php


Webex Video Conferencing


Here is a video on how to share content using Webex: Sharing Content in Cisco Webex Meetings and Events


Remember: you can move beyond lecture mode in most video conferencing systems by using polls, surveys, and online collaboration tools to engage students in your lesson.  


Mackin Digital Content


Free digital content for elementary, middle, and high school through September 30, 2020.  Free eBooks and other resources for engagement and interactivity.  



                   Curated Sites


                    Amazing Educational Resources (Education Sites Offering Free Subscriptions)



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